I’m a Grammar Nazi

It’s true, I can’t stand when people abuse the English language through lack of thought or education.  I won’t get into the specifics about what I don’t like (you’re/your, their/they’re/there, etc.) but I do want to point out some effects of what bad language skills make.

  • It makes it look like you don’t know the rules of language.  When you don’t adhere to language rules you tend to make yourself look ignorant and reduce the impact of your statement.  It’s one thing when you’re instant messaging or sending a text message, but it’s another thing when you’re posting a comment on a blog or creating a web page.  Those who don’t take care in their communication skills risk making themselves look ignorant or worse; qualities that can affect one’s employment among other things.
  • It makes you look lazy, especially when you start using abbreviations such as “ur” or “r” for for whole words.  It’s one thing when you’re using your phone to send text messages or instant messaging because these devices are limited in the number of characters and they’re not as easy to use as a regular keyboard that one can send in one message but when you don’t have such limitations you shouldn’t be lazy.
  • It makes you look like you just don’t care about what you’re writing.  If you care about the subject and want to make an impact then you’ll take the time required to make such an impact.  Language is the most powerful tool that we have and it should be used as such.  Sure, you may be wrong with the ideas you’re trying convey but you’ll be considered much more seriously and more thought will be given to what you write.

So use proper language.  I won’t delete comments that don’t adhere to my high standards of writing, but I’m less likely to take you seriously if you don’t.


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