It Won’t Go Away

I am so sick of “Elevatorgate”.  Rebecca Watson of Skepchick fame got propositioned in an elevator at 4 am at an atheist conference.  It was a bit awkward for her and she publicly stated why it was awkward for her and asked guys not to do that.

What is the problem here?  Guys, especially those who are socially awkward (which includes a large proportion of guys at conventions like these) often don’t understand how to proposition women “right”.  But geeze, let it go already!  It’s a done deal, okay?  Guy did something she’d rather he didn’t, she said what it was and that should be it.  Why hasn’t this non-event gone away?

I’ve been pretty much avoiding elevatorgate posts because to me it’s over and done with and all the kerfuffle is ridiculous.


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