Censorship in America?

Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who does a lot of work on how humans perceive the world, has published a book called Parapsychology.  It’s about why we see what we see, such as ghosts, UFOs, and the whole range of paranormal sightings.  I haven’t read the book (mainly because the depression keeps me from exerting enough concentration to read a full-length book) but the reviews I’ve read say this is a really good read and isn’t dry or dull as you might think a book from a psychology professor would be.

That said, when Dr. Wiseman tried to get the book published here in the U.S. none of the big publishing houses would carry it.  Why?  Because Dr. Wiseman’s analysis of ghosts and the like are not real but are the cause of psychology, the way people think that makes them think they’re seeing what they think they’re seeing.  One publisher went so far as to ask him to put a statement in the book saying that ghosts were real, which is the opposite of what the book says.  Really?  Write an entire book about something and say it’s a lie at the end?  What is with this?

Apparently the book is doing quite well outside of the U.S.  So why wouldn’t the publishing houses print this?  Richard’s solution is to self-publish.  It’s available on Amazon either as a dead-tree book or an e-book.  At around $10 for the e-book version, it’s not a bad deal.  I can’t give my personal recommendation but I think it’s a great price if you want to show the big publishing houses that they need to get with reality or die out.


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