Welcome to the Blog

Welcome! First, a little explanation about the name of the blog. I’m not from Australia or anywhere south of the equator. I suffer from depression and I don’t see a lot of blogs about atheism that show this aspect of things. It’s my own minor twist on the subject.

While the word “atheist” is in the name it’s not just about that. It’s also about reason and the attacks on it, mostly science related topics.

Enjoy and feel free to post any comments you like, pro or con. Just don’t be abusive.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog

  1. Well, freedom of religion means you can be free from religion if you want. I’m pagan and I do believe in a higher being; I believe my religious beliefs are the only correct beliefs–for me. Wouldn’t dream of inflicting them on anybody else. What bugs me is people who reject scientific data if it doesn’t agree with their religious beliefs.

    • ACK! I’ve been discovered by family!

      I’m not trying to convert anybody with this blog, merely provide a way for me to express my feelings on a number of subjects but with my own personal spin on it. Although I will disagree with many people involving this, I’m not going to ruin relationships with others based on differing beliefs.

  2. You won’t try to convert me, I won’t try to convert you! Depression can be genetic: I think my mother suffered from it and I know several of our generation who do.

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