Why I’m Here

No, we’re not going on an existential or philosophical trip here, but rather why I’m writing this blog, what I hope to do.

One of the reasons why I’m here is that I have a blog over at Blogspot (http://vernischornicallydepressed.blogspot.com) and I wanted to see how WordPress did its thing.  I’m sort of shopping around.

Another reason is that my other blog is specifically about my depression and I’d rather have something more general.  Atheism and science are rather large driving forces in my life right now so I hope to cover those issues in this blog rather than my other one.  I’d also like to cover general subjects which interest me.

I hope those who find their way here will stick around.


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome! First, a little explanation about the name of the blog. I’m not from Australia or anywhere south of the equator. I suffer from depression and I don’t see a lot of blogs about atheism that show this aspect of things. It’s my own minor twist on the subject.

While the word “atheist” is in the name it’s not just about that. It’s also about reason and the attacks on it, mostly science related topics.

Enjoy and feel free to post any comments you like, pro or con. Just don’t be abusive.